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On entering the premises you'll be met by a staff member. If it's your first time, don't be afraid to let them know,


as they can give you a quick summary on how things


operate, and where you have to go.



On admission you'll be given a key to your own personal locker which contains your towel. Place your belongings in the locker and place


the towel around your waist.


Any valuables you may feel uneasy about leaving in your locker (wallet, passport, phone, etc) can be placed in a deposit bag and held


by the staff in our office for safe





Flip flops are available to rent for €5, for a deposit refundable on exiting.


Mobile phones may NOT be carried around during your visit around the premises.



There are five floors, each with a different theme.


Floor no.1.. here you will find two locker rooms and coffee bar.

Floor no.2.. contains toilet facilities, locker room, smoking area and the maze area with two flat screen televisions.


Floor no.3.. is the wet area, consisting of steam room, sauna, jacuzzi and the solarium. There is also a shower facility on this floor.


Floor no.4.. is the cubicle area where patrons can relax and enjoy a little more privacy.


Floor no.5.. is the darkened area with further relaxation and TV area.




Remember we actively encourage safe sex...so ALWAYS PLAY SAFE. ALWAYS USE A CONDOM, there are no shortage of them on the premises.



If you're feeling thirsty or a bit peckish why not visit the coffee bar on the ground floor, and enjoy a selection of coffees, teas, soft drinks and snacks from the menu.


These can be charged to your locker key number. When you are ready to leave, return your towels to the towel bins in our locker room. You can settle your bill on


leaving by returning your key.


Monday - Thursday inclusive, re-entry passes @ €5 are available to purchase which allow our customers to return to the premises once again before we


close our


doors at 5am. These passes are unavailable Friday - Sunday inclusive.


Customers are advised that recreational drugs and alcohol are not allowed on the premises and that there is no smoking throughout the building


except in the designated smoking area.



Remember to respect your fellow patrons and if you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact a member of staff.


We will be only too happy to assist you.